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Breaking Bad – Season 1 Trailer
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Movie plot

TV series "Breaking Bad" follows Walter White, a school Chemistry teacher who just turned 50. But the present he receives for birthday is not so joyful “ he is diagnosed with lung cancer. Walter's family is not doing very well either struggling to make ends meet: his wife Skyler is pregnant while their first son Walter Jr. suffers from celebral palsy. Having considered the perspectives of a lingering and costly treatment of non-operable cancer and inevitable death afterwards, Walter makes an unforeseen decision. In an attempt to ease life for his family, he finds a very practical application for his profession “ he decides to start making methamphetamine. In his enterprise Walter is assisted by Jesse Pinkman, Walter's former student who was kicked out of school for his unusual Chemistry talent'. He lives by himself in a house which used to belong to his aunt and doesn't keep in touch with his parents.

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