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Breaking Bad – Season 5 Trailer
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Movie plot

Breaking Bad season 5 is the final season of a popular American criminal drama series about a Chemistry teacher who got involved in drug business after he was diagnosed with a fatal disease. Walter comes back to see his family who is still kept under guard. Meanwhile, the community is dealing with the consequences of the explosion at Casa Tranquila nursing home. The news about the incident is spreading at the speed of light and Walt is trying to find new ways to protect and support his family while keeping his business secret. He gets rid of all evidence that could potentially connect him with the killed drug dealer Gus: materials for the bomb, plant poison and Gus' laptop. In order to start his life over and open another profitable business, Walt and Jesse decide to find a new partner. A brilliant criminal lawyer Saul Goodman is there to offer them several ventures to equip a new lab. Meanwhile, Drug Enforcement Administration is using all possible sources to find some kind of clue.

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