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The Good Doctor – Season 2 Trailer
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Movie plot

Drama “The Good Doctor” is one of the best novelties of the past television season. The audience was imbued with the story of Dr. Shaun Murphy, who suffers from autism and is an excellent surgeon at the same time. His non-standard methods of work saved not one life. However, Murphy made a mistake in the finale of season 1 that can cost him dearly. One of the key storylines in the upcoming season 2 will be Dr. Glassman's fight against cancer. As a result, the star of “House M.D.” Lisa Edelstein appears as an oncologist Dr. Blaize who, along with Shaun Murphy, will fight for the life of the angry Dr.Aaron. The Good Doctor returns with season 2 to please us with the work of a talented surgeon with the savant syndrome, and an incredibly heartfelt presentation of the stories of his patients and relationships with colleagues.

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